AAF $18.91 Club Level

Looking for a great way to show your Aggie Pride & support A&T Athletics at an affordable price?

The Aggie Athletic Foundation (AAF) has just the thing for you as we introduce our new $18.91 Club Level!

By donating $18.91 per month for 12 months in honor of our founding year through our Mobile Cause app, you become part of our $18.91 Club!  As part of your benefits, you will receive a magnetic version of the $18.91 Club logo decal shown here.  This will be for you to prominently display your Aggie Pride and direct support of A&T Athletics on your vehicle, at work or at home!

Becoming an AAF $18.91 Club Level donor is a great way to become an A&T Athletics donor because…

  • It’s quick
  • It’s easy
  • It’s affordable
  • It allows us to show we’re part of something greater than ourselves with A&T Athletics!

Come get in the game with the AAF $18.91 Club Level today!  Just go to https://app.mobilecause.com/vf/GIVETOAAF/1891Club or text GIVETOAAF3 to 71777 to continue your journey with AAF!


3 thoughts on “AAF $18.91 Club Level”

  1. Note: For my birthday on 2/23, I raised $235.00. for the AAF. Will this go toward the AAF $18.91 fund as a one time deposit?


    1. Hi Lonnie! I don’t see your donation on the Mobile Cause site. However, if we have record of the $235 one-time donation, that will qualify you for the $18.91 Club Level. And Happy Birthday!


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